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As part of the larger vision of creating a melting point and an active hub for creative writers in Nigeria, this blog will feature a good number of my friends, colleagues, mentors and others who sign-up for it, affording them the unique platform to share their own stories and knowledge.

We will co-share this platform and get more people to read contents that are authentic and self-styled to appeal especially to young ones  who are in dire need of guidance and direction. This is not leaving the older ones who may re-awaken the burning desire to start writing and sharing again. 

The stories and content that would be published here will come in a variety of styles and cover a range of topics, from life experiences, to lessons from mistakes made,travel features about a specific trip, to a review of a restaurant, to life as a single mum, divorce and all sorts – the possibilities are endless.

It is my firm believe that we all have a story to share and for a good course we will express ourselves without inhibition.

If you are convinced that your writing style and stories will appeal to anyone anywhere, please join the feature writers and lets create a story together.

Welcome aboard.


Some stories from your favourite writers

Your Talent; Your Personal Signature

It all began with a story.

Ade Clayton was born in the late 70’s and is the first child in a small family with his four siblings. Times were tough during Ade’s teenage years. 


The Legend and How He Completes Our Story

How do people become legends? And by the way, who is a legend? The dictionary says he is a famous person, admired for his achievement in a particular area. Really, a legend defies definitions, technical or literary. 

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Be Audacious, take that blind leap

My first job was at an engineering consulting firm in Oshodi Lagos. I was fresh out of school and had just completed the compulsory National Youth Service Program NYSC…

The Power of Listening

Jessica was an amazing human being. She was as close to a perfect personification of energy, class and grace as there could be. During our undergraduate days, she…

The twelve commandments for the 21st Century public office holder

Congratulations my dear on your desire to aspire to become a public office holder. The desire is noble but the journey to public office is stormy, rough and at times may lead to your death.

Identity Theft, by the Owner!

I am a man. That is the first thing. Or I could be a woman. I am human. Equal to any other human, no matter the colour, height, shape, location. I am me. I am of high value.

Keeping Sane - The Covid -19 Realities

Renowned businessman and personal development guru Jim Rohn said that you’re the average of the five people you spend most time with

Your Contractual Obligations - Is COVID 19 a valid Excuse in Law?

Amidst the ripple effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic, businesses have found themselves unable to fulfill several contractual obligations;


The Woman of my Tribe

Have you met a woman from my tribe?

She is that one who has guts to go for what she wants and gets it. This particular woman has no place for mediocrity and refuses to wear a label. She has a spring to her steps and fire in her belly with all the ginger and swagger of the queen that she is.

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