The Opposites – Mo’s first blog Post

Motunrayo is writing her first online published work and hopes to write her own book some day. Just like daddy!

Once upon a time, there lived a happy little family of 2 children, a twin – a boy and a girl, and their single mother. Her husband died before her children were born and so she had to stay strong, because if her kids knew this, they would not be happy. Her daughter’s name is Halima and her son’s name is Ali, although they are a twin, but they are the complete opposite of each other.

Ten years later

Halima was a straight A student, while on the other hand her brother, Ali got Fs in his grade 6, and in his third semester. They were getting ready for secondary school, but their mother could not afford to enroll them into a private school, and so opted that they should write the common entrance to the nearest public school in town and she paid N2,000 for each of them.

The Exam Day

In preparing for the exams, Halima studied her English, Maths and General papers during the day, while on the other, Ali thought Halima was being stupid by studying, but he did not realize that she was doing the right thing.

In the Exam room

Inside the exam room Halima was so happy and pumped up, but Ali did not even care. As the exams began, Halima and Ali were not writing in the same classroom and so Ali panicked. He had thought he would be able to pass papers with his sister, but when he looked around to seek for anyone who could help him, he found that nobody wanted to get into trouble. Ali was therefore alone staring at his question paper and into his shading sheet. He looked around sadly, and then thought, “Hmmmn, maybe I don’t really have to pass this exam, it was just to try right?”

He told himself not to worry and that it was not as though, if he did so well you would get 2 million, or maybe even a scholarship.

After the exams

Ali felt nervous he knew he had not done well, but on the other hand, Halima was excitedly saying how easy the questions were. Ali looked at her with a look that said, “Urrrrhh, shut up Halima!” but Halima ignored the look on Ali’s face, she continued to talk, and they left for home.

After two weeks

After Halima came home, as usual, but Ali, the opposite, would usually go to late street clubs and party all night, or maybe not even return home till the next day. So, when Halima got home her mum told her the great news that she scored the best out of all the pupils that wrote the exams. She also added that she earned a scholarship to the most expensive school in Nigeria named Educational Life, and that she was also awarded the sum of one million Niara for her excellent performance at the exams.

She was very happy and so was her mum. She then asked, “What about Ali’s performance?” her mum replied “Out of all the people who wrote the examination, he scored the least.” “Oh my, will Ali ever learn his lesson?” Halima said.

“We don’t know yet”, said Halima’s mum.

Ten years Later

Halima became known as one of the most popular persons who has helped the world succeed in education. She is now the principal of Princess College, one of the best and affordable schools in the world and married to a well-known musician with three wonderful children. They all lived together with her mum in a mansion in Lokoja with two trustworthy domestic helps.

On the other hand, her brother, Ali, who was a notorious criminal was spending the rest of his life in jail because he was convicted of stealing, raping, killing and kidnapping. That was when he finally realized EDUCATION IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS.



1, Hard work is key to success.

2, Education is the key to a successful life.

3, Do not be lazy.


Motunrayo Akingbogun is 9years old and aspires to write her own stories. She loves to read and enjoys writing her own stories.


Watch out for the rising STAR!

Please encourage her with kind words in the comment section.    



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  1. Moyosola Oyelade

    Hi Motunrayo,
    Thank you for such a beautiful write-up. I hope to read your book(s) someday.

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