Night Runs – chapter 15 – Time

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Chapter 15


Adio stared from the window as his car sped past the serene estates of Oniru, a suburb in Lagos where modern and smart houses lined every corner of the road. The houses were painted in white, grey or any bland color as though in a choreographed sequence to distract marauders from the opulence that laid waste within.

Everyone was in their homes living their lives – or at least believing they were. They’d get up, look in the mirror, get back into bed and do it all over again, cycling rapidly between night and day.

While he was here, working his fingers to the bone to earn enough money to enjoy life only for a few days before he joined the rat race again.

There was no rest, none in sight for his weary body.

Sometimes he felt sorry for himself, at other times, he wished he had an alternative plan to get rich in Lagos without the guilt of cheating others.

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