Night Runs – Chapter 14 – Gay

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Chapter 14


“Wait, Adio, what does the law say about same sex?” Adio shrugged. It was a rhetorical question. “The law criminalizes public displays of affection between same sex couples in Nigeria.” Don continued.

Remember that article you read online last week? The Nigerian law imposes a 10-year prison sentence on those who “directly or indirectly make public show of same-sex amorous relationship.”

“So what becomes of the driver who harbors a couple showing affection in his car?” Adio queried as he looked into his infamous rearview mirror at the two ladies in the backseat cuddled up as lovers would.

“I think I read somewhere of a 10-year sentence on individuals who witness, abet, and aid the consummation of their affairs.” Don joked.

“Joker! No freaking way. I am only but a common driver trying to earn a decent and responsible living.” Adio muttered.

The ladies at the backseat giggled as they whispered into each other’s ears oblivious of Adio’s piercing stare at their reflection in his rearview mirror.

Adio chose to drive slowly, gliding his car on the smooth asphalt of the popular Ozumba Mbadiwe road on Victoria Island at 10.54pm. It felt like a live porn show was about to begin right inside his car.

Don’t disturb them Adio, just drive. Let’s see what happens.”

“Ashawo.” Adio mutters again.

As he drove on, he could hear the first loud lip smack, the unmistakable give-away of his passengers’ romantic endeavor. But when he looked into his mirror, the couple had disengaged, so suddenly that he wondered if he had started to imagine things.

He made a mental note to keep his eyes on the mirror intermittently.

He started to count. Three counts as he steadied his eyes on the road and then a quick glance at the mirror. Then he would start over.

Stop spooking them Adio. You need to create a safe driving experience so their love can flourish.”

Adio heaved deeply, letting out a slow controlled breath in an attempt to loosen his tensed muscles. He gave his shoulders a wiggle and rolled his head in a circle to relax his body.

Everyone sat knee deep in silence until the shrill sound from a mobile phone decimated the fragile peace before it really had the chance to take root.

There was a bit of ruffling of some fabrics before the noise went up a decibel after it was probably unveiled from underneath some clothing before it was killed by a button.

“Hello, this is Ijeoma.”


“Yes, please. We made the reservation one month ago.” Her voice sounded groggy. “Oh no! How is that even possible? We booked weeks ago, you can’t just cancel our reservation, we are already on our way.”

Adio drove on into the lifeless night, minding his business. His business was fun when he had to listen to conversations he had no business with.

“This is ridiculous. How on earth do you treat customers with so much disrespect?” Ijeoma fumed, her voice dancing around the edge of anger.

“What happened?” curious, her partner quizzed.

“Listen, please refund our…….” Ijeoma turned to look at her partner with full blown anger. Her peevishness oozed like burning tire.

“Lilian, he just cut me off the call. Can you imagine, the bastard ended the call rudely.” Now she was shouting.

“What did he say was the problem?”

“Can you imagine the suite we booked a month ago?”

Lilian responded with a short hum, urging her to keep talking.

“The bastard just cancelled our reservation saying they only just noticed that we booked the suite in our names and that the hotel policy states that two women cannot share a room in the hotel.”

A smile sneaked up into Adio’s face.

“Who wants to do jail time.”

“What nonsense! This isn’t the first time we stayed up at the hotel.”

“I suspect that hotel manager is behind this. You remember how she looked at us when we both picked up our laundry the last time we stayed there.”

“So, it’s now my fault?” irritability sneaked into Lilian’s voice.

“I told you to wait till we got back to the room, that someone might see us, but you just couldn’t keep your groping hands to yourself.”

“Like you didn’t enjoy it.”

“That is not the point.”

Adio wondered how Ijeoma, who only moment earlier was seething with rage enough to raise the roof of his car, had suddenly returned a calm demeanor as the conversation between the duo continued.

He imagined that it was probably Lilian’s job to make sure she didn’t blow her top.

“What then is the point?”

Their voices melted into whispers, loud enough to hear yet Adio could make no sense of it.

Then a giggle was accompanied by a welcomed quiet.

Adio wondered what the two women in his backseat were up to, but he didn’t have to wait long.

“Excuse me, please. Do you know any hotel within the Lekki axis that we can stay tonight please?”

She emphasized the “we” for obvious reasons that was not lost on Adio.

“Hotels in Lekki. Hotels in Lekki.” Adio repeated, genuinely trying to help. “I am not sure we can find a hotel this late that would be willing to accommodate….” He paused, hoping for a better choice of word. “you both.”

“But you won’t know that until we try.” Lilian tried to convince him.

The air was so brittle Adio thought it might snap, and if it didn’t, he had no idea the reply to give the two weird women in his car.

“I have an idea.” Ijeoma announced with gusto.

“Tell me, tell me.” Lilian quipped.

“How about you stop at an hotel of your choice, book the room for us and then spend the night with both of us.” One of the ladies leaned into the front seat spreading her fingers in an erotic move across his chest.

It did wonders to his body.

“What!” Adio exclaimed, struggling to stay still as he steered the car through an empty intersection, where the traffic lights blinked in amber repeatedly.

“Calm down, let’s hear their proposition chief.”

“We don’t mind having a male company tonight.” Lilian sang into his ears.

“It gets better chairman.”

“We will make it worth your while. Does one hundred-thousand-naira sound like a fair deal?” Ijeoma lured him in with the irresistible six figure.

“That is something to consider bro.”

Confusion clouded his judgement so much that he hit the brake pedal sharply, halting the car so fast that the two ladies sank back into the back seat.

He quickly yanked her hand off his chest before unbuckling the seat belt that strapped him in helplessly.

“I am sorry. But…but…”he stammered, searching for words as his brain processed the invitation.

“We will make it one-hundred-and-fifty thousand naira.” With pouty lips, she added. ”Both of us.” Beckoning to him with her hands.

“Please!” Lilian added.

“Bro, one-hundred-and-fifty thousand naira is half a month’s take-home and you’d earn this in one night.”

Adio snapped Don’s voice shut with his eyes.

“Plus, when last did you get laid bro.”

For Adio, there was no time to think, as Lilian started to unbutton the top of her shirt allowing her gorgeous bust a chance to spill into his view.


The two women were like the ever-morphing serenity of browns in the dappled lights that night. Their smiles spread like wildfire consuming every resolve he had left until he looked like he was starting to drool.

Something was definitely wrong with his heart. Someone was beating the drums of his heart too loud into his ears just as his eyes dimmed with unquenchable lust.

Suddenly, he snapped out of his reverie, startling the women, who were almost bare-chested in his backseat.

He thrust the gearstick into the drive position before speeding into the dead of the night.

For the first time since the voice in his head was only just a voice, he could have sworn he saw Don’s face with an approving smile.

“Make it two-hundred thousand naira, I know a good hotel.”

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