Prisoner of Fate

"One meets his destiny often in the road he takes to avoid it."

Benjamin’s  life takes a dramatic twist as he struggles to find answers to unlock the mystery that has turned him into a prisoner of his own mind. The story starts strong with shocking and unbelievable scenes laying the pedestal for a fast-paced and suspense-filled journey into the unknown, where at every turn the story deepens and crystallizes into revealing truths about life.

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Waste Of Sin

“Two men, ‘one woman and half’, and a secret.”

Julia and Stephanie live in two different worlds but stem from a single past, and are controlled by a medical condition; each woman springing up when the spells occur. Julia is just fine with her bland relationship with Danny. Stephanie is enlivened with her erotic affair with Alex.
Danny knows about Stephanie and Julia, and Alex finds out shortly. But one revelation sets both men on the same mission: Alex to rescue Stephanie from Danny; Danny to rescue Julia from Alex.

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