Night Runs – chapter 11 -Pity

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Chapter 11


“Where are your parents? Or your mother? Or whomever should be on this trip with you.”

“They are both upstairs.”

“Who is accompanying you on this trip? Surely you can’t be taking a ride late this evening unaccompanied.”

“They are upstairs.”

“How do you mean?”

“They are at it again. Fighting and throwing things.”

“Oh, my goodness!” Adio paused for a moment to consider the options. He was yet to turn the ignition. His eyes were locked on the boy in his backseat.

He checked his digital wristwatch, it read 11.30pm. Then looked up at the boy.

“How old are you?”


“Does this happen often?”

The boy nodded repeatedly.

“Where are you headed to, then?”

“My uncle’s place in Ajah.”

“Do you know the exact address in Ajah?

“Yes sir.”

“Have you been there before?”


Adio checked his digital wristwatch again, it read 11.35pm.Something didn’t feel quite right.

A young boy taking a lone ride in the dead of the night. This situation is a recipe for disaster. By taking this boy on the ride, he would assume the role of a kidnapper.

“KID – NAPPER! See how those words sounds, is that who you wanna be?” Don

“But this kid is troubled and needs help.”

“How is that your business? Did he ask for your help?”

“He is ten years old for Christ sakes.”

“You do know that if you get stopped by the police, you will be treated as a kidnapper. Who the hell goes about town in the dead of the night with a boy that you don’t even know his name! What is wrong with you Adio?”

“Sometimes they fought with knives and break things in the house.” The boy had a lost look about him, as if he had recently awoken from a nap. His face had an unhealthy look to it and his eyes were hard open as he stared through Adio. His voice soft and pleading.

“What is your name?”


You see Joel, you cannot take a ride alone at this time of the night. It’s not safe and I am sure your parents would be worried sick about you already.”

“But I take a ride every time they get into a fight.”

“How often is that?”


“I mean, how often do your parents fight?”

“Three” the word came out almost like an accident, spilling out of his drawn inward lips.

“You mean, three times a week?” Adio reiterated the words slowly.

Joel nodded twice.

“My God.” Adio whispered.

“Adio, please don’t do it. This boy is not your problem!” Don warned.

“But I can not leave the poor boy by himself?” Adio checked his watch again. It read 11.48pm.

The drive to Ajah would take him almost 45minutes from Maryland.

“I have some money with me. I took it from my mummy’s purse.”

Adio looked at the boy again. He felt genuinely sorry for the sort of childhood he was dealing with. His pity soon turned to anger. How irresponsible his parents must be.

“I think we should go speak to your parents first, Joel.”

“I am tired of them. They fight all the time and mummy forgets to make food for me.”

Adio’s eyes started to glisten with tears. He wondered how this poor boy deserved such parents.

“I am so sorry to hear this. Have you had anything to eat?”

Joel shook his head rigorously.

Adio had no food in his car, he knew that, after all he was only a “common” cab driver and not running a restaurant.

“Whatever is going on in that big head of yours, do not start the trip. It is dangerous.” Don chirped in.

Sometimes Adio wished there was a switch he could flip off to shut Don up at will. He was easily a pain in the bum.

“Is your uncle aware you are coming?”

The boy shook his head repeatedly again.

The kid reminded him of his childhood friend way back in the village whenever he shook his head.

“Pade.” His friend’s name escaped his lips as his daydream ended within seconds.

There was silence as Adio turned around on the driver seat to face the windshield. His eyes set on the road ahead accompanied by the eerie silence that darkness offered. His hand stroked the bunch of keys, that were already in the ignition, repeatedly. He was lost in his thoughts.

Adio checked his wristwatch again, it read 11.56pm.

“To go, or not to go?” Adio contemplated.

“Don’t do it.”

“I have taken rides every week to Ajah.” Came the boy’s voice again as though to help him make up his mind.

“Do you have your uncles’s phone number?”

“No. I didn’t memorize it.”

“Don’t do it.”

“Please sir, let’s go now. They are fighting. Please let’s start the trip.”

“Don’t do it.”

Adio checked his wristwatch again, it read 11.59pm.

The shrill sound from the alarm perched on the side stool right beside the bed woke Adio up, signaling the crude transition from sleepy dreams to wakeful happenings. He opened his eyes to a blinding headache, a pounding heart and sweaty face, confused and lost for a moment, he adjusted to the darkness in the room with a frown.

“So, it was a dream!”


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  1. Ji ma sun!!! A dramatic passenger awaits. Lolz
    Even in his dream he is still working. Adio too like work oo. Lolz

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