Night Runs – chapter 8 – Police

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Chapter 8


Nursing is such a noble profession, or at least, that was how Adio liked to imagine. The one in his car had blue scrubs on, was po-faced, serious, and cleansing her hands with sanitizers from a small bottle she returned to her pocket every now and then.

Earlier when she bent over at the passenger window to speak with Adio, her face softened into a smile before asking him to take her to the government hospital in Ikeja. She sounded pleasant.

He felt at ease with the nurse, unlike the last ride he declined after he noticed through faint streaks of night light that his youthful passenger had with him a large dog with a brindled coat and an extravagant ruff of fur around its neck and a long tail that curved like the hook of a coat hanger.

“Who the hell takes a dog for a walk in the dead of the night? It’s 1am for crying out loud! The trip fare can’t even pay for the cost of vacuuming the fur from my car seat. Nonsense! God forbid the dog decides to poo.”

“History would be made!” Don jeered.

The nurse wore afro hair with a kind of artisanal topography that invited the hand to touch. It was the kind of hair that one could sculpt, hair with a natural God-given bounce, born to be worn loud and proud.

“Is it even acceptable to wear afro hair while working on a shift  in a government hospital?” a concerned Don wondered.

“She is probably on night shift where the traffic of patients is probably a lot less than that of the afternoon shift.”

Adio looked out of his window to discern the neighborhood he picked her up from. It looked like a cluttered set of two-storey residential buildings whose beauty had faded with age. She could be living in either of those apartments where the window opens into a dark and dingy interior.

Makeshift aluminum shacks lined both sides of the street, bounded by a long stretch of open concrete drain that had wooden planks placed intermittently for walkway. Men entertained by ladies of easy virtue sat on branded plastic chairs in the dark, drinking alcohol while glowing lights from the end of dying cigarettes butts dotted every corner.

“What the hell!” Adio sighed.

The shrieking noise from his passenger’s ringtone was quickly punctuated by her voice.

“Hello dear, I just got a taxi. Thanks for everything.”

Adio promptly looked into his rear view mirror to see the smiling face of his passenger as she spoke on phone.

“No, I don’t feel the soreness anymore. You need to take things a lot easier next time. I could have sworn you took that drug again.”


Adio listened intently. Thoughts were starting to form in his head, but for some missing details, he was beginning to doubt the nobility of his passenger. Is she a nurse or a night worker? Is her uniform for kinky sexual performances or for real as a nurse? What is with the afro?

Whichever it is, this is certainly not where she lives.”

“Yes baby. You did a good job. I feel tired already.”

Adio bobbed his head as he wheeled the car towards the intersection. He was determined to avoid traffic lights as much as possible. Driving late into the night had its rules, waiting at traffic lights in some neighborhoods was not one of them.

His car headlight beamed into adjoining buildings where a few of the ladies were standing by the road pavement with a couple of them dressed in the exact same outfit as his passenger.

“What is going on?” This time, Adio spoke out loud enough for his passenger to hear.

“When tomorrow baby, I need the money today.”

The scene outside on the street offered a more interesting view for Adio than the conversation of his passenger.

His eyes darted to the left and right and then first to his fuel gauge before it ended at the rearview mirror. His passenger had a frown on her face as she continued the conversation on the phone.

“Baby don’t send the money to my other account, please use my Sterling bank account instead. They are more reliable.”

Adio watched as two of the “nurses” on the street, that held cigarettes between their index and middle fingers, breath out thick smoke from their mouth. One even had a stethoscope hanging loosely around her neck with the diaphragm tucked between her breast.

“Baby, when are we seeing again?”

Clarity was lost on Adio as he wondered if he was in Sodom and Gomorrah or the city of aquatic splendor.

“It’s probably costume day bro.”

Just a distance ahead, he observed a police checkpoint with four policemen flagging his car down with beams from flashlights on one hand and rifles hanging on their other shoulder.

“Park! Park!! Park!!!” he could hear one of the officers demanding compliance.


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  1. Sterling bank is truly reliable!!!
    Let him quickly send her the money before she transfers the aggression to Adio. Lolzzz

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