The Woman of my Tribe - By Jolade

H ave you met a woman from my tribe?

She is that one who has guts to go for what she wants and gets it. This particular woman has no place for mediocrity and refuses to wear a label. She has a spring to her steps and fire in her belly with all the ginger and swagger of the queen that she is.

This woman from my tribe is classy and sassy, she knows she is the IT and is not afraid to flaunt it. This one has no age barriers, she could be 16, 25, 38 or even 70! A queen is a queen regardless.

This babe from my tribe is unshackled from what ya’ll expect from the woman in your society. She is not defined by the template you laid down for her. She is audacious, she has balls yet she is all woman and down to earth sexy.

She swears like a sailor and prays like a saint, come on! She lives by her own rules. Your society’s pressures does not get to this one, heck! She is not even listening. She shuns the rules of your society and all the clichés that makes your women tremble.

Her voice is heard in the streets and she cannot be silenced. She basks in self acceptance and knows you don’t qualify to judge her. She is clothed in strength and wrapped in dignity that which is not bestowed on her by your society.

This woman from my tribe comes in various shapes and sizes, beautiful whichever way you look at her. She rocks her skin without shame, her bosom decked with jewels of her choosing, her waist and swaying hips a delight to watch as she moves gracefully to the rhythm.

No, she doesn’t care to fit into the spectrum of beauty you created for the women of your society. Here is a goddess rest assured in her own beauty and allures.

The works of her hands speak to her greatness, neither sloppiness nor laziness is tolerated where this woman of my tribe is concerned. She is dignified in labour and money is her friend. Oh yes! She could be the woman who sold you your last corn meal or that boss lady always in stilettos, it really doesn’t matter.

She knows her life is hers to build, she doesn’t play victim neither is she powerless. Her decisions are solely hers and she takes responsibility.

This woman could be soft and gentle or as fierce as a storm, yet she has full control of her emotions which she expresses freely. She loves deep and passionately, giving her all to those she loves.

Damn! What a woman.

I asked a question earlier, have you met a woman from my tribe? I would put a name to her but she doesn’t wear a label nor care for titles, but somehow, i know you have met one.

Next time you see a woman from my tribe remember to tell her I said HELLO!

Jolade is a wannabe writer who really thinks she should be a pasta chef. She is an avid day dreamer with a big mansion she resides in her head. With this one, you should expect the unexpected. She happens to like music and a great conversationalist

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9 thoughts on “The Woman of my Tribe”

  1. Nicely written, impeccably articulated.

    I’m in love with this woman already.
    I am a woman from that tribe in fact.

    Thanks jolade for this reminder, that this woman isnt a social construct, but she can well be wtf she decides to be so long it aligns with her purpose.

    Great job.

  2. Yes! To answer your question. I proudly identify as a woman of ‘my’ Tribe. Living my life without apologies. The goal is peace. Lovely write up Jolade.

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