Top 10 Most read Blog Post of 2022

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“In 2022, a total of 80 blog posts were published throughput the year” 


It’s that time of the year again, when we look back at the last few months, to take stock of how much we achieved and whether it matched our aspirations at the beginning of the year.

Like every year since 2019, I have shared a blog post every weekend and during the bank holidays. Some of these post or articles were written by some of my best guest and feature writers, who have expressed their sentiments and opinion on topics of societal importance in cleverly-weaved short stories.

In the near future, I will share an expose on the guest writers that shared their valuable time with me on the blog. 

In 2023, I intend to involve more young writers on the platform, so that their talent can find expression and a modest following from the growing readership I have built in the last three years.

There is also a good chance that I will post more short stories in 2023. This is on the back of statistics that suggests that the most read blog posts were the ones that had a lesson to share.

I know that the website has a cool theme. It was intentionally built to provide a warm and pleasing interface for reading. But like everything in the world that changes, I have engaged maverick Vincent in hope that we can make some subtle tweaks to the blog pages that will reflect the new focus and to reposition the blog in readiness for the next set of opportunities.

To be honest, there is a lot to do on this platform. I haven’t even scratched the surface. But I will take each day as it comes.

I enjoyed really good feedback from readers, especially on most of the short stories in the last few weeks. These sort of engagement spurred the passion to write even more.

This year, the comment section was buzzing off the hook with over 700 responses and thoughts on a good many posts. This, in my opinion, is a testament to the content that had had readers engaged on the blog. 

To buttress the improvement made this past year, please permit me to share some statistics;

  • The average time spent by readers on each blog post this year was 3min 7secs.
  • The bounce rate (the percentage of visitors to a particular website who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page) was ~70%
  • PS – a really good bounce rate is in the range of 26 -40%. Clearly, there is more work to do to keep readers on the blog.
  • A total of over 4,000 users were recorded during the year and they accounted for over 10,000 sessions on the blog.
  • Saturday is the day that recorded the most time spent on the blog. The best reading time for most readers is between 10am till 10pm. Sunday is the next best day with readers spending time between 11am and 4pm on the blog.
  • Aside Nigerian readers (80%), United States (8%) is the country with the most readers, followed closely by my friends in the United Kingdom (4%), Canada, Uganda and Australia.

If you are a fan of data and trends, this statistics would give you an impression of the direction the blog is headed.

What do you imagine I did with these numbers?

I am glad to share;

  • I compiled a collection of short stories from the post shared on the blog in the last quarter of 2022, each not exceeding the reading time of 3minutes, as determined on the average by google analytics.
  • Most short stories posted in the last quarter of 2022 were often in two or three parts to improve the bounce rate on the site. The result you ask? – 3minutes 31seconds average read time and an improved bounce rate of 68%. That period also recorded a record 1,200 readers alone!
  • The data also allowed me discern the sort of stories that my readers liked to read. This informed my Top 10 blog post every year and this year is no exception.

Without taking too much time, let’s delve into the Top 10 most read blog post for 2022 along with the links to each story.

From previous years, this compendium allowed those who may have missed a story or two to catch up before we dish out more scintillating posts, articles and stories in 2023.

1; Domestic Violence – The monster within us

violence, abuse, aggression-4207549.jpg

This post was written by my dear friend, Deji Sowunmi early this year, in response to the spate of murders and homicides perpetuated by married couples against each other.

“The world is full of monsters” was a stand-out quote from that post. It had 23 comments with over 600 views.

If you haven’t read this post, please take a moment to bask in the raw energy and delivery from the beauty of Deji’s literary craft.

Interestingly, this was Deji’s only post on the blog in 2022.

2; Who cried wolf? Ghost of bachelorhood

No surprises here, this 2-part thriller was a delight to many readers (36 of them penned down a comment only after reading the first part)

It narrates the story of a newly-wed couple and the series of mishaps that seemed to haunt them throughout their honeymoon. Need I say more? Click the link to read the story!

3; Surugede – The dance of the spirit

I honestly do not have any correct explanation on how this post got this much readership two years after it was first published.

Every week, visitors to the blog from the United States accounts for 90% of the readership to this post written by Jolade.

It narrates the story of Fijabi, the young warlord who was crowned king in Yoruba land and started a reign of terror. The post documents a piece of Yoruba history now transcribed as folklore. It is worthy of your reading time and worth every minute spent on it.

4, Suit etiquette – unspoken rules for wearing your suit

man, suit, black male-4568761.jpg

There are formal and informal rules for wearing your two-piece or three-piece suits, but many young adults do not pay attention to these details.

This blog allows you to unlearn the things you thought were correct and presents the classic direction and guide on how best to dress in a suit.

Catch up on the blog to remind yourself of the classic gentleman.

5; You can’t kill a dead man – a short story

man, black, portrait-2442565.jpg

You certainly haven’t met Mr. Flo?

This is the most read blog post on short stories on the blog. I honestly didn’t see that coming myself. It was perhaps, one of the most difficult post to write at the time. I am glad it not only caught on, but had a good showing.

All 375 views couldn’t be wrong! Find out about Mr. Flo in this short story!

6; Taste of Deceit – by Dupe Bobadoye 

I am glad a post from another Feature writer made it into the top 10. Dupe’s story about the secret life of a couple makes for an excellent read on a Sunday afternoon. 29 responses and comments in the comment section must mean more than just a glance through.

You will enjoy this story not just because Dupe wrote it, but because you can relate with it.

7; Baby Daddies – a short story

I enjoyed writing this story and I am sure you will find the story weirdly comical and enjoyable.

There is a guy called Stanley and another called George.  Best of friends they were until a baby put asunder. The two-part story is enthralling and a quick read.

8; What have you done? – short story

phone, bell, emergency-5305890.jpg

This was the first short story in the series and it came with all the trappings of suspense from start to the end. You will find yourself immersed deeply in the story until the very last line.

You doubt me? click here and see for yourself.

9; A gentleman and a half – My Alpha story

gentleman, business, suit-5043668.jpg

This story is the last entry into my upcoming memoir. I recant with glee, the story of my adventure into the prestigious Alpha club at the Obafemi Awolowo university and the tedious interview process at that time. The story almost demystifies and unveils the secrets of the revered club. 

“Education begins the gentleman, but reading, good company and reflection must finish him.” – John Locke

10, The cute little devil – a short story

This interesting 2-part story completes the top 10 blog post in 2022.

“Why are the innocent the first victim?” This question would resonate even more after reading this piece of creative work. Keep an open mind and you would not be disappointed.

Joseph would never have kind words for Daniella. Find out why here.

Other interesting post with good views include;

Thanks for always reading. Looking forward to a year full of interesting stories in 2023.




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