Miss Gullible II – a short story

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“Sometimes I trust too easily, not because I am naive,  but because my heart wants to believe that not everyone is out to deceive” 

Please follow the story from the first part here.

I don’t recollect telling you my name, yet you didn’t deem it fit to ask. I suppose that my story interests you so much it didn’t matter.

Oh well, my name is Anna. I like to imagine that you pronounce it without the “H”. This would mean that you would have to open your mouth wider to call out my name. It sounded better when Uncle Soji moaned my name in ecstasy though, while we made love on his make-shift bed on the cold tiled floor. I like!

No one ever told me they loved me until Uncle Soji turned it into a daily adulation and ritual so much that I now looked forward to it.

Anyway, let me tell you about our first moment together.

That morning when he closed the door behind me, we barely even exchanged pleasantries. Our breaths quickened as we tore at each other. He held my small head in between his palms as he ravaged my soft lips. I let him do as he pleased with my eyes firmly closed. I had imagined this so many times I couldn’t believe it was happening. I couldn’t breathe easy as my heartbeat raced like it was hell-bent of bursting through my rib cage. My legs soon became wobbly and I felt a dazzling urge to be naked. For him it was easy, we had to carefully remove my old-school bra while fondling with the hooks at the back before tearing off every other piece of cloth afterwards.

Even in the dark, I could see uncle Soji’s manhood as soon as the towel fell off his waist. I was curious and had always wondered and imagined how his pride of manhood would look. I didn’t have enough time to wonder because his tongue was doing a lot of strange things to my body.

Soon I was out of breath, clutching on anything within my reach for grip as though sinking into an abyss that was inexplicable. He turned my body into his playground and they responded in kind. Every cell was firmly under his control. It felt heavenly. I had never experienced such pleasure. Touching my self in the dark corner of my room paled in comparison to the explosive pleasure that his lovemaking gave.

It didn’t take long for my restraints to give way. The moment he let himself inside me, I spoke in tongues I never learned or heard. Even as I write, I an unable to describe how that first penetrative sex felt. My eyes refused to open, and my mouth screamed in pain and pleasure. A mix that was unequal yet unquantifiable.

 My body was not mine and Uncle Soji made sure to ravage and plunder my innocence with the precision of a marksman. When he shuddered and jerked violently like a dying bush animal in the throes of his climax, I felt the relieve of his weight off my body.

He let me lay on his chest for a while, as he twisted my braids in his fingers. I listened to the dying rapids of his heartbeat. For the first time, I felt safe, until I looked at the clock on his wall.

We had spent two hours already. When time’s loyalty was tested, it failed woefully.

I hurriedly strapped my bra on my shoulders and jumped into my panties as fast as I could. I had to get back to Aunt Jessica as fast as my legs could possibly carry me.

When I slipped in through the kitchen door, Aunt Jessica was thankfully in her room. The Chef asked a few questions, but I mumbled a response that even I couldn’t comprehend. Somehow it felt like I got away unnoticed and that ushered in our Wednesday rendezvous.  The perfect time. Not once did we miss a week in our first month of unbridled sex. We made love like it was going out of fashion. Uncle Soji was quite adventurous, he liked to change sceneries and try new sexual styles- like he liked to call it. I was simply a willing participant in this sexual experiment we were conducting.

At the end of every “session”, I left his house with soreness between my legs. Sometimes it lasted for just a couple of days and at other times, only for a few hours.

One Wednesday morning, as you may have imagined already, I fell terribly ill and everything around me appeared to irritate the hell out of my nostril. I puked a couple of times that morning, as I felt out of sort. I never fell ill my entire childhood, and this indeed was quite strange.

I texted Uncle Soji. It was a simple message.

“I don’t think I can make our meet-up today, I feel ill”

Uncle Soji called almost immediately and asked that I come notwithstanding. He sounded very reassuring.

“Oh, my darling!” I enthused.

When I arrived at his apartment later that morning, he offered me a glass cup of water and a set of four pills. He said I should swallow the pills and that I would feel alright.

I wasn’t even sure what to say or feel. He cared about me like no one did, and I had no reason whatsoever to doubt his sincerity. He told me I would feel some stinging pain and discomfort in my lower abdomen and that I would be fine afterwards. He asked when last, I had seen my monthlies, but I couldn’t offer much help with the dates. I never tracked it and it came like a clockwork every month. It was so much of a discomfort anyway, and if it stopped coming for one month, I wouldn’t even miss it. I tried to make some joke.

Uncle Soji didn’t like my response. He tried to lecture me about the implication of not seeing my monthly period. He seemed to opine that I may be pregnant. My heart skipped beats, so fast my eyes felt like I was fainting. I have heard of young teenagers getting pregnant and how unfortunate their stories turned. I had Uncle Soji and he loved me and would care for me. I was just lucky or maybe plain stupid!

“Perhaps getting pregnant wasn’t a bad thing afterall” I thought.

His face looked serious and stern, I could swear someone else was seated next to me on his bed and this certainly wasn’t my Uncle Soji. He urged me on.

“Take the pills, you will feel better”

When I was done emptying the glass cup, he asked that I hurried back home before they noticed I was away.

But I reminded him, we had barely spent 30minutes together.

“I have a meeting to catch this morning and I really must go now” Uncle Soji was up on his feet, picking up his mobile phone and house keys.

“I will wait for you here until you are back” I suggested, leaning back into his bed.

“No you won’t do anything of such” his voice had a menacing edge to it. I wondered why, for a moment. Perhaps he was upset that I was ill. It didn’t make sense.

 “Just go home quickly so you can rest a bit” This time his voice was softer and friendlier. I believed him.

He locked his door behind us, as we part ways.


I woke up on the hospital bed at the St’ Agnes Maternity clinic- that was the inscription on the pillowcase when I turned to open my heavy eyes.

I had no recollection walking into the hospital, but here I was with a infusion line firmly attached to my left wrist.

Waves of sharp pains I had never felt in my entire fifteen years on earth, swept through my body in turns. Every muscle in my body felt like they had been threaded and congealed in horrifying pain.

Oh dear, even my head felt like lead was weighing it down. I couldn’t open my eyes wide enough, but when I did, I saw Aunt Jessica starring at me in absolute disgust.

“Who is the man?” the tone of her voice sounded like brewing trouble.

I squinted my eyes through the pain as though asking for some slack.

“Who give you belle?”

“Belle?” I muttered. Something was off and I had no clue what was going on. Where is Uncle Soji. There is no love outside him

Aunt Jessica wasn’t having any of it, she went on and on about how much she has been there for me and supported my dreams with education and everything else. I only opened my eyes after she had been ushered out of the recovery ward and her raging voice died with the distance.

When the nurse returned, she graciously explained everything to me.

I had tried to abort a month-old pregnancy by taking off-the-counter pills which unfortunately caused a massive blood loss causing my fainting spell inside the house. I was rushed to the hospital in an unconscious state and further medical test revealed that I had remnants of the fetus in my womb and that an evacuation had to be scheduled within the next few hours before I became badly infected.

The nurse was quite sympathetic and calm. I was grateful for her taking the time to explain what had happened. She then asked if I knew the man who got me pregnant. I shook my head in the affirmative. That moment, Uncle Soji’s face flashed in my head. My love!

“Do you know the name of the pills you took?” The nurse asked.

“Pills?” Confused, I thought for a moment.

“He gave me four pills. I didn’t ask for the name. He said I would feel better” I managed to speak. My breath stank to high heavens so much that my nose twitched.

I told her the colors of the pills and that I had no idea they were meant for the abortion of a pregnancy I barely had any idea of.

Hot tears of shame rolled down my cheeks.

I gave the nurse uncle Soji’s number. I told her to quietly send him a text that I was ill and in the hospital. She promised to contact uncle Soji that afternoon with a gentle squeeze of my other hand.

Alone with my thoughts, I tried to reconstruct the events that had played out in the last couple of hours.

I had been pregnant. Uncle Soji had given me pills to abort the pregnancy. It resulted in a massive blood loss that led to horrible pain and my falling into unconsciousness in my room.

I remember slipping in through the kitchen door with the Chef making brunch as usual. I remember he asked if I was feeling well. I barely responded.

I remember rushing into the toilet in my room to a throat wrenching puke that lasted for a couple of minutes. I think I managed to rinse my mouth afterwards. I can’t even remember clearly.

Then I crawled into my bed, wrapping the soft duvet around my body with thoughts of uncle Soji on my mind. My love!

Hours later, I remembered jumping out of the bed to the wash hand basin in my toilet, yet again, a few times to cough out dripping spittle and mucus, as there was no digested food left inside of me to puke. I remembered seeing the blood, it wasn’t the crimson red I was used to, it was the darkest shade of red imaginable. I must surely have fainted.

I must have slept off again, because by the time I was up again, I was being wheeled into the theatre for the evacuation.


I was back home after two nights at St’ Agnes Maternity clinic. It was a mix of relieve and shame. Unquantifiable shame. Aunt Jessica did not spare me. She hurled invectives at me like they were going out of fashion. Words I have never heard before were brandished without restraints. The words hurt so much that tears never stopped streaming down my cheeks.

Where is Uncle Soji? His phone line had been unavailable since the nurse tried to reach him at the hospital. I was going to have to find him myself. I had to.

What did Anna do next?

Read the final and third part of the story. Click here.

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