Waste of Sin - The best secrets are the most twisted.

“A new mystery novel is berth”

Danny’s first mistake was not turning back when he noticed a few cars reversing in a frenzied haste in the opposite direction.

He was slightly distracted watching a funny skit on his mobile phone at the time and didn’t notice a few cars hitting the reverse direction. When he finally spotted them he dismissed it as some reckless drivers who got so distracted themselves and must have missed a turning.

His second mistake? Driving with his side glasses down! He wanted the fresh gush of air to replace the stale dampness he perceived inside his car as he wheeled it out of his home that morning.

In a swift move, the vicious sight of a gun wielding scar-faced young man right on his side of the road reminded him to be even more vigilant and spewed his glaring mistake right in his face.

“What the hell” he muttered under his breath. His voice quaking in dreadful panic. His car was unfortunately locked in.

He had gone too close to the sedan in front of him and a truck was edging closely on his tail.

He was stuck!

Without notice, another scallywag turned up on the other side of the window. His face nothing but fearsome and menacing.

When the side window glass broke into shards of hundred brittle pieces, he felt beads of blood trickle down his cheek in torrents.

He was panic stricken and somewhere between his thighs, he let go streaks of hot urine in total resignation.

The stern looks and voices came at him like lightening flashes demanding for money, his wrist watch, his wallet, his phones, his laptop bag, his rings and accessories.

They assaulted him, yanked off his wrist watch, tugged at his pockets while it felt as though everything froze. Time stopped. He was in some sort of trance. Lost in the eerie moment. His view tainted by blood trickling from a cut on his forehead and above his eye lid as he watched the last of the vagabonds leave in haste.

He had just been robbed. Not only of his properties, but his senses.

He sat transfixed in that position, horrified and drifting into unconsciousness as the shock from the robbery left him helpless.

When he woke up, he was in a hospital bed. The smell of anti-biotic rented the air. A pillow propped behind his bandaged head and the back view of the nurse reading his vitals was his welcome view. He had no clue how he got there, but the first question he asked was;

“where is my car?”

“Please relax Mr…….. Ehr” the nurse enquired

“Danny, Danny Augusto” his voice raspy and his throat parched.

“Do you not remember?” she pressed further. “You drove yourself to the hospital yesterday night. Your car is right at the car park downstairs”

Still he had no clue. One thing he wouldn’t be forgetting is the pain he felt on his side, arm and body. He felt like his body was wrecked from being under a moving train.

He could barely move his arm.

“Do you have a relative, wife, family we can reach out to?” the nurse asked calmly as she walked closer to his bed.

“My wife”

Can I dial her number so I can inform her that you are here? We found no form of identity in the car?

“Please do nurse”

He managed to reel out a number so swiftly, there was no doubt it was a familiar contact.

A female voice answered at first ring.

“Hello, good evening, my name is Daniella, your husband was involved in a car robbery last night and is hospitalized here at the St. George Hospital in marina”

“My husband? How the hell is that possible? He was home last night and just had breakfast, he stepped out a few minutes ago to get newspapers. I am sure you have got the wrong phone number”

“Your husband is Mr Danny Augusto. He has been unconscious all night and is right here with me. Perhaps you would like to speak with him ma’am” the nurse insisted.

“This is certainly not possible. You probably have the wrong number, he was here last night and……….” she stopped in her tracks when she heard the familiar voice of Danny.

“Hello sweetie…” Danny struggled to speak. But the voice was none other than the husband she lived with for 18years and known half of her life.

Bemused and shocked and with trembling hands stricken from fear and confusion, she paced quickly to the front door with hopes to catch a glimpse of the man she had spent the night with. He was nowhere outside. Nowhere in sight.

Her thoughts flashed back to the passionate love they made and the unusual grace he moved and how much he loved every cell on her body. His kisses felt like they had honey dripping from it. It left hot trails of coal as he explored every crevice of her body. She wanted it to last forever.

He came home, the same time he always arrived from work. There was nothing amiss. He didn’t turn up with his car though. And that wasn’t unusual either. Sometimes he came home with an uber ride after an excruciating and busy day. He looked tired and walked in with his usual laptop bag. He barely spoke a word. He was a man of very little words.

She heard him having his bath in the room they shared and asked if he would have dinner. His response was the same he gave every time she asked- a curt No.

She then sank into the comfort of the sofa in the living room to see her favorite soap. The kids were in boarding school and the house was empty save for both of them. She stayed up very late and only joined him when he was fast asleep just before midnight. That was the decent routine they had developed over the years.

There was certainly nothing amiss. They had the most amazing sex that night and she was still smacking from the glow in the aftermath of the romp.

She made him breakfast and admired his every face and smile. It reminded her of the first few years in her marriage. It felt magical. He looked just the same. No facial hairs, a full fleshy lips doted on either side of the cheek by a cute dimple. His round face and bald head looked the same as she remembered. He even smelled the same.

With trembling hands and her voice quivering she says.

“Danny he looked just like you”

“Who? …….. Who?” Danny mustered as much strength as he could to ask. Again and again. But the phone was tone dead.

Just that moment, he reappeared at the front porch and she felt blood draining from her head as she collapsed lifelessly into the dinning sets.

Post your questions. I would like to answer.

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37 thoughts on “Waste of Sin”

  1. titilope idowu

    Mirror image twins?

    Facts based on corroborative evidence –
    He was admitted into an hospital the previous night. So definitely he wasn’t the man who went to his house.

    The man reappeared- so he is real.

    How does this unravel?

    1. Lollipopskitchen

      Author playing our head,what’s going on, definitely Danny is a twin does he know or not is the question,who did Daniella sleep that night? Danny or the twin??

  2. Engr Akin ‘Hadley Chase’ Akingbogun. My question is how come she wasn’t able to decipher from the romp? Had it been with this same gusto and rhythm all these years? The new-normal or abnormal in the intertwine of bodies should have sounded a mental alarm except emotions have sent reasons on override…

  3. Wow,I actually read this story twice!!! Is Danny a twin? Why do they have contact to the same wife?
    And if that was Ghost Danny at home why did he not discern and disappear after Daniella received the call from the hospital? Please I need answers!!!

  4. Huh, so who exactly did she spend the night with or is the Mr. Danny a twin? And so many questions you have to provide! We are in a serious state of suspense right now.

    Good write-up.

    See you at the next episode

  5. Interesting how the story changed to mystery sharply in a concise manner! Well done Duke!
    I hope it’s not gonna be a case of identical twin or ghost? Can’t wait to read till end.

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  7. Abdulsalam Rukayat Folake

    Waow,the man he spent d night with definitely wasn’t her husband,there is sure more mystery to unravel in this mind blowing tale
    Glued to my seat already
    I love.this!!weldone omo Akin

  8. Ibilola Famugbode

    I think the other dude is his doppelganger who has probably been watching him from afar waiting to steal his life lol!

  9. Whilst trying to get a hold of the robbery scene, I delved into the possibility of an unknown albeit evil half.

    Fictional as it may appear, it certainly is filled with suspense.

    Coincidence? Part II will surely tell.

    Well done sir…..

  10. I started thinking Naija men and thier games is playing a nice one on Danny himself. but it looks like he’s clean. we ‘ll see sha..

    Sorry am behind the series..

    Good one! good suspense…don’t tell me someone is been dreaming 🙂

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