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“When we weep, we must also see clearly”

I was going to follow up on my previous article, Identity Theft, by the owner, but recent violent events, at home and abroad necessitated this particular post.

This post is the first part of a 4-part series that tackles the subjects in the title. Today we tackle George Floyd and Racism.


I am not a writer, I am more of a rambler. Think of that guy at an informal gathering, who has issues burning in him and wants to know your thoughts and if together, a solution can be reached. That’s me (I?).

I will just say what is on my mind, in its pure chaotic form, and I apologize ahead if I offend your mind or heart. I am just like you, seeking solutions, and please post your thoughts below in the comments section. We all need to continually learn from each other.

GEORGE FLOYD & RACISM – The Cause, The Pain &The Cure

My heart aches and I feel humanity needs a reset. We are too evil.
Once upon a time, we all had the same dad and mom. Adam and Eve. Derek, you killed your brother, Floyd!

George Floyd was arrested for using counterfeit bank notes. It is a crime to make counterfeit bills. It is not a crime to spend counterfeit bills, because you may not know they are counterfeit bills. Floyd was arrested. They wanted to know where he got the bills from, which is only right.
What was wrong was to kneel on his neck while arresting him. It was and is inhuman to throw your weight to crush his windpipe and take life from him. Derek Chauvin, you had no right. You will be judged.

Derek Chauvin, Minneapolis Police Department, all American Police Departments, White American Police officers, would you kneel on the neck of a white American suspect on charges of counterfeit bills?

The Cause

First of all, white America, I apologize, for not all of you are racist. One must investigate, feel and listen directly to any case or situation around the accused before you judge. I am not the law, so there should be no judgment, but, our brothers have been dying every year for ages, under your watch and will continue to do so if nothing drastic is done.

I have chosen to judge you, white America, from the perspective of someone who stays in Africa. Yes, some selfish and despicable Africans stole, ambushed, trapped and sent our brothers to your shores. Yes, we Africans started it. It does not make our brothers on your shores less human. That should be done with. Slavery has been abolished!!!

Over time, there have been powerful champions of #BlackLivesMatter#, activists – Martin Luther King Jr. immediately jumps to mind- who have done more than most of us put together, will ever do to crush racism. Some lost their lives trying to make black lives matter, so why has there been no change?

Why Racism Still Thrives

I feel white America still teaches hate for the black man till this day. They teach it in schools, in the society, in the KKK (I am not naïve enough to think it disappeared. Maybe just more nuanced and secret) and at home.

When I say “they teach”, I mean white America shows racism to their young ones, and to other white Americans, that it is acceptable to hate and demean black people.

“Step away from those children”, “deliver in the back”, “for coloured people”, “this community is only for white people”!

White pop culture has always associated terrible things to the colour black, talking about blacks in a degrading way to other white Americans and to their children.
What do you think will happen when such children grow up, get into positions of power and influence? Of course, white American children have been subliminally groomed from childhood to hate the black people, and will do so within the society, government and Police Departments.

White America institutionalized racism, hatred for the black man both wittingly and unwittingly.

The Pain

Do know how it feels to doubt yourself? How it feels to be perpetually afraid? Do you know how parents deal with loss of their children, and are still afraid of losing more? Do you know how it is to be defeated before you even try?

Do you know how it is to feel you are guilty and may die because some people look at you with hate? Do you know how it feels to hear the police siren and know suspicion, arrest incarceration or death is close?

That is how most black Americans feel in America. It is a miracle black people amount to anything at all, carrying all that weight.
We cannot all be great together in a land that is yours, right? Remember, white America, European Americans, you were once strangers on this same land and black people contributed greatly and still do to the Great America we have today.

How do you think George Floyd’s family, friends and associates feel right now?


The Cure

Non Racist White America – Please Do More. Love & Care More

To all non-racist white Americans, from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you. But, we need you to do more. We need you to care more. We need you to do a lot more.
We need you to help educate those that have been brainwashed into thinking black people are only to be used, laughed at or killed.

We appreciate the legislation and reforms over the years, thank you Mayor Jacob Frey for immediately enforcing a temporary restraining order with the State of Minnesota, stopping the Police from use of excessive force, especially chokeholds, and making sure accompanying police officers can intervene, instead of just looking on or barring onlookers.

Racist White America – Change and Let It Show. Show Love & Care

Children automatically learn what their parents do. Teach right.

Offending white America, you know how you like to look good of heart, thoughtful and blameless? It is time to stop faking it. Live it. Let your good heart touch black Americans.
Teach love. Educate based on love. By that, I mean show love to black people, respect black people, have regard for black people, give black people equal opportunities.

Our examples are our children’s greatest teachers. Do not let the next generations continue this hate for black people.

Care for black people. We are all just people at the end of the day. We have the exact same anatomies. We all bleed blood when our skin is cut. A black car costs the same as a white, red, blue or yellow one. Same value.

Everybody Else – Love Is The Answer

Black people are not born criminals, we are just more highlighted in the news. Just a small percentage of black Americans are criminals. There are criminals in every race. It is a human factor. We all want a humanity of entirely good people, but some will be bad. It is up to us to correct and not kill them!

Love your fellow human. Racism, crime and homicide all start in the mind, in the heart. Murder starts with hate.

Hate is in the mind, in the heart.

Love kills hate.

Love Black people. Care for and about black people. Educate and teach love to black people.
You are now a disciple to a worthy cause. It is time to follow God’s Plan.

God’s Plan, Love, is The Cure

God’s plan for us is to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. A black neighbor is still a neighbor.

Love him. Love her.

After all, despite all the wrong black people in America have suffered, black people only despise white America’s abhorrent actions, black people do not hate white Americans. Black people only wished all people were equal!

Aha! Black Americans, Black people, don’t forget to love all others and yourselves too!!

About the Writer

Deji Sowunmi a proud owner of glistening, glowing, beautiful dark caramel skin, sometimes a good husband, not so shabby a dad.
An architect, interior designer & decorator by day, and a lover and seeker of greatness for all mankind by night.
He is a long suffering, unapologetic arsenal fan who uses his clubs antics for high BP resistance training, a lover of the arts, and a general student of life.
Deji Sowunmi does not take himself so seriously, and you probably should not to either.

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7 thoughts on “George Floyd, Vera Uwaila Omozuwa, Societal Lip Service & Love”

  1. Bro’s D, well done. Very insightful. Let’s all re-evaluate our thought process. We were all born to love even though hate has come to be the order of the day.

  2. Adedamola ilori

    Love and respect for all is key,we should hope and pray for it,sometimes it’s disheartening to see how some blacks even treat fellow blacks but like they say, such is life as unhealthy competition in my opinion is the driving force of the hatred and abuse in our society. Just wanting the other person to know who is superior unfortunately how myopic can we be if we think this way?

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