Why you should never stop learning - life lessons

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“Great things happen to those who don’t stop believing, trying, learning, and being grateful.”
― Roy T. Bennett

“From the sadness, learn something; from the happiness, learn something. From the setback, learn something and even from the success learn something. Never stop learning from any situation in life, for that is where the wisdom lies.”
― Gift Gugu Mona

Life is a continuous learning process. Life is all about learning and discovering new things.  Learning doesn’t stop when you graduate from college. That is just the beginning. We learn in every experience that had happened in our life. We learn from our bad experiences as well as good experiences. It should never stop.

Learning is important because, It shapes you as a person. It fills you with knowledge. It boosts your confidence. It gives you happiness. When you keep learning and knowing things, it makes you richer by thoughts.



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