Strange things - Part 2

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We have all got strange things about us

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Click here to read the first part of this short story to understand the context.

Strange Things – Part 2

There I was squinting my small eyes as the brightness of the lights bulbs appeared to pierce through my every skin pore. For one moment I could see through the smoke-filled room enough to discern the contrasting colors of party dresses and outfits juxtaposed with masquerades of masked faces!

The lights, so blinding caused me to fall on my knees. Better to be on my knees than to remain the last man standing!

Bodies littered the dance floor. I could count about 8 of them. Some contorted in strange positions, others bent into unnatural position. One of the bodies on the floor appeared to be in the middle of an epileptic fit with intermittent maybe even exaggerated jerks that no one paid attention to.

At this point, I could no longer feel my heartbeat. It raced too fast to be recorded by my brain!

There was a loud gasp of astonishment as my knees hit the cold tiled floor. I braced my defeated body with two hands to break my fall.

I was torn between taking to my heels, heading to the exit door or staying calm until I could talk my way out of this quagmire.

I managed to open my eyes quickly to see Udeme’s mouth wide open as he was starting to froth at the mouth. 

“Oh my God” I started a quiet prayer.

“If you would rescue me from this ensnarement, I will serve you forever with every breath of my life. Please heavenly father I beg of you.” Audible words did not escape my mouth but those words echoed through my heart.

There was silence. The sort that lingered long enough to make one cringe as though expecting to be knifed from the back.

“Please don’t hurt me” Words finally made their way out of my mouth. But I couldn’t tell if it was only a faint whisper or just hot air.

“Tie him up” the hoarse voice of the one I have come to realize was the leader commanded.

Two strong arms ruffled me up unkindly while I barely resisted. They soon expertly hogtied me within minutes.

Here is how Wikipedia describes that position, just in case you are wondering;

Hogtie bondage requires all four limbs to be tied together behind the back. It typically involves connecting a person’s wrists and ankles behind the back using some form of physical restraints such as rope or cuffs.

Face down, I could only see the feet of my abductors and their co-conspirators as they got into an animated conversation.

Perhaps they were deciding what to do with me.

The pressure was too much for my heart and I soon drifted into a trance.

In the dream I am standing in a puddle, I am normal. Yet my reflection in the puddle, in the world of the upside-down, is a zombie.


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4 thoughts on “Strange things – Part 2”

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  2. Osho Yusuf Adeoye Babajide

    It’s interesting, suspense filled, captivating and can’t wait to read the part 2. Thumbs up.

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