Open your eyes - the opportunity is right there

Awesome opportunities fly by more often than you can ever imagine. But you need to know how to assess them.

I have always thought deeply about opportunities and how it appears that some people seem to just attract opportunities effortlessly while others work terribly hard to be opportunity generators.

I have wondered if rather than waiting for opportunities one can simply create one and how much effort it would take to create value out of anything.

Yes, I know life can be unfair, but it’s not enough reason to bemoan your lack of progress or chances. If you think that opportunities and rewards will just fall into your lap by coasting on by, then you might be in for a surprise. Instead, you need to pop off the couch and find ways to attract opportunities to your life.

Here is one of those basic laws of life: There will always be opportunities for those who recognize and pursue them. The lucky people are simply those who have taken more chances than average.

In essence, opportunities are present all around you; you just need to learn how to identify/recognize and step into them. There is nothing in the Universe that says you can’t fulfill your own dreams and create a life you want to live.

On the contrary, the Universe invites you to step into who you were created to be, offering your unique skills to others in ways only you can.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur embarking on your next business idea or a visionary simply wanting to start a new quest in your personal life, you don’t need to wait around for an opportunity to present itself. By knowing yourself and making a conscious effort to push forward, you can create your own opportunities or find ones that fit what you’re looking for.

This is therefore a mindset reset!

It is important that you see things from a different perspective by having the right mind-set and mental attitude. One way to jumpstart the right attitude is to take the initiative, be flexible to what life throws your way. There are a lot that can be accomplished by doing rather than just sitting comfortably on your couch or bed!

Next, you must have a great deal of self-knowledge. You should be aware of your values, skills, area of expertise, strengths, weaknesses and passion. Look inward and appraise yourself. Be confident of the things you know and your capabilities. To seize opportunities, you must be capable of making it count.

Along with these, you must have the courage to take the leap, the spirit of adventure (ability to leave your comfort zone), a sound mind to analyze opportunities and make sound decisions and finally, a good dose of resilience, because many times success is rarely immediate.

The key to taking opportunities as they come is to put yourself out there.

Let me share one powerful insight;

Opportunities are always there. They are not seasonal gifts that flashes around us every now and then. They are there right now, this very moment. What many struggle with, is the eyes to see them.

There lies the problem.

Many believe that they must wait for opportunities, but the truth is, opportunity is the one doing the waiting. It is hoping that you will recognize it and seize the moment.

Dear friends this is a powerful perspective, and I am glad to share this with you.

Some people see opportunities in everything, everywhere, every person. They are so tuned that they know which ones to jump on and which to save for later. They don’t only recognize these gifts; they are willing and open to explore. That is where the spirit of adventure features. Since they are fully aware of their strength and values, and capabilities, they know which opportunity to pursue and what to hope at the other end.

They are also aware that results don’t happen immediately, so they focus on the desired goal and with determination walk the talk.

Don’t be a paper warrior; writing, thinking, and researching for long periods, lest you fall into analysis paralysis and become indecisive at the critical moments.

When people say things like “Opportunity waits for nobody” or “Opportunity knocks but once”, etc., they refer to the time-value of taking a chance. Opportunities are time-bound. That is why words like “seize the opportunity” is used to emphasize the urgency in taking action.

The price of inaction is that someone else will take that opportunity! There may be a good many others still lurking around you, but that particular “one” will be gone to those who are daring enough to take it.

Make sense?

So then, how do you put yourself out there to attract the right sort of opportunities?
Let’s delve into the 5 steps I have put together.

Let People Know You’re Out There
You can’t attract new opportunities your way if those opportunities don’t know where to knock. You need to get yourself out there and let people know you exist! And the best way to do that is to network.

Not only should you network with people inside of your field but also network with people outside of your field. You never know what you may learn by networking with people of different occupations and trades.

If you are content with being in the background and playing lesser roles, so will the opportunities that would be available for you.

Please read my post on social capital to get a powerful insight into how to mine your network.

Say Goodbye to That Comfort Zone

If you stay where it’s always cozy and nice, you’ve got no chance to grow! By stepping outside of your comfort zone you’re giving yourself the chance to meet new people and land in new situations. Seize opportunities by stepping outside your comfort zone instead of waiting for them. Otherwise, your life will be nothing more than comfortable.

What is your comfort zone? You ask?

This is the place or situation where you feel safe and can perform or operate at a minimal level with relatively “modest” success. It is a safe haven where you feel at ease, untroubled and at peace. It is a place away from the clutter, the constant noise, bickering, gossips, backbiting, backstabbing and all the justifiable words to keep you stuck in one place.

The comfort zone is the killer of dreams

Keep Track of Your Achievements

The way to attract opportunities is to let people know you’re ready for those chances. You’ve had the experience, the training, and you’ll know how to knock it out of the park once it’s given to you. And how do you do that?

Keep track of all your accomplishments and put them all on one spot, whether that’s an online portfolio, a blog, or online resume. Start with LinkedIn for instance or a newspaper article. Collect all your wins in one spot and people won’t have to go digging to find out if you’re worthy or not. Fast answers, fast offers.

This works and for as long as one doesn’t mis-represent his strengths or exaggerate his achievement, there would always be someone in need of the values you represent. So put your self out there! Need I say more?

Get Yourself a Mentor

Selecting a mentor is one post I will put up in a couple of weeks. Choosing the right mentor will do a lot of good to the mentee. Not only will you have someone to learn off of, but you’ll have someone you’re close with that could vouch for your hard-working nature and your value. Mentors can offer valuable advice and career/business coaching.

The chances are that the mentor has been through the same situations that you’re experiencing and can help you navigate them successfully.

Also, if they’re your mentor, chances are they’re higher up in the industry than you, and you never know what kind of people they can introduce you to or what kind of doors they can open.

The value of the relationship currency in working with a mentor is huge! They can speak at places where you can’t get into and make a strong case for mentees for opportunities that will benefit them and change their life significantly. You need a mentor, don’t play it down!


Praise Others

Want good vibes thrown your way? First send some out yourself. Everyone out there is looking for opportunities and recognition, so help contribute. Whether you loved someone’s article and tweeted your praise, were impressed with a project and emailed your love, or covered their genius in a blog post, building people up will make them take notice of you and possibly do the same back.

If you have a colleague who works as hard as you, then praise the person…Be specific, and sincere, about what the person is doing. You never know what that kind of love can bring you. Definitely nothing negative!

So, show some love, write me a comment to keep me invigorated!

There are so many untapped opportunities waiting for you there, build your courage, open your eyes and mind and seize the moment!


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15 thoughts on “Open your eyes- the opportunity is right there!”

      1. Thank you my friend. Opportunities abound, being able to recognise and pinning them actually is the issue. You have rightly identified some ways and means of recognising and taking advantage.

  1. Alfred Amiolemen

    Boss… let me invigorate your a bit! I have always seen you like a “Daniel” oozing with excellence and precision. I so much admire those qualities back then in the office! Same qualities you have extended and exhibited in your writings. This article is very brilliant! Well done

  2. Olaoluwatobi Savage

    The entire content struck a cord. A good one at that. What stood out for me is putting myself out there more and being intentional about it. I’ve taken several steps to identify opportunities but doing less of being in the mix of things. Thank You for sharing.

  3. Olajumoke Muftau

    Duke of Great Talks, this is another good one. We’ll done. Leave your comfort zone because an unfamiliar terrain gives you opportunity to unleashed your hidden potentials.

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