We are Called - By Abidemi Adebola

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“We are called to change the world”

Life is a spiritual journey not in the sense of Religion but in the sense of history, purpose and education. Every man and woman is a spiritual being, the world itself is a spiritual force. In any case the world could have been black and white but we exist and the world is colorful!

What is life itself?

Why do we breathe?

To what end do we live?

This are answers we search for in the Bible, Quran, Monasteries, Edits, scrolls and all. Often times the answers we find in these books are the same answers that life throws at us time and time again.

Life itself is the greatest religion, the greatest teacher, the greatest inspiration and the greatest motivation.

We are called; life is a spiritual journey, we are called; we are a spiritual being. We exist in the context of the past, present and the future. Our thoughts and actions are too interwoven with the past, reality and the future. To isolate humanity is to eliminate mission, vision and ideology.

We are all called! Man and woman, children, the young and the adult, everyone is called and everyone to his or her own calling. No man or woman can find purpose without knowing his or her calling.

If you do not believe you are called you will never discover your purpose, so many people are finding purpose but they have refused to heed the calling.

What is the calling? We are called; the over 7billion people that exist in the world today are called, one by one. We are called to change the world, to make the world better and true to itself.

The basis of our calling is courage, faith, healing, hope, knowledge and love. To the extent that we are far from all this is the extent that we are far from our calling and as such farther away from our purpose.

We live in a very selfish world, a world brutishly inclined towards material progress, we have mistaken passion for purpose and we have mistaken religion for spirituality. Life itself is never an end, if it were it would be endless, life is a means; a means to create a better self and better world! 

We are called!

Abidemi Adebola



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