To my Mama - Short Poem by Jolade

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“There is nothing as powerful as mother’s love, and nothing as healing as a child’s soul” 

By Jolade

Come a little closer mum

Have I told you?

You are one of a kind

The gentleness and kindness of your heart

Yes, that you so generously share

The beauty of your soul

That you so boldly spread

Oh maami! Have I told you?

You are my god on earth.


You are an angel

Always watching over me

You are the one

Who never gave up on me

Always doing what you have to do

My safe harbor

Protecting me from the wind

Oh mama, have I told you?

I thank God you are mine


You are made of strength and mercy

The one that always pulls me through

Your resilience in travails

Your dignity in labour

Your hands that was never idle

Your calmness in the storms

Your gracefulness through it all

Oh mother! Have I told you?

I revere the ground you walk on


The light the keeps shining

The tenderness that keeps tending

The arms that keeps hugging

The heart that keeps loving

The eyes that keeps watching

The ears that keeps listening

The mouth that keeps praying

Oh mummy! Have I told you?

Thank you for everything

So here is to you

The woman that was always there

Still always there

May heavens shine down on you

Keep you here

Forever is not enough for me

To love you

Oh maami! Have I told you?

What would I do without you



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