Choose to Challenge - Women's day

“Simplicity is the ultimate Sophistication”

Monday, March 8, 2021

I choose to challenge a society that calls me fragile and seeks to relegate me to the background. I might be fragile but not easily broken like glass. My fragility is coated with elasticity. I bend and twist and come back better and stronger. You call it fragile; I call it agile.

I choose to challenge the norm, culture and ways that call me weaker, they say I lack strength, resilience and will power but in this very weakness lies my strength. I am weak enough to bring to birth, to cater to the needs of my off springs, to tend my home, to run my business, to excel at my career, weak enough to be a perfect blend of my heart and my head.

I choose to challenge a stereotype that believes I was brought to life only to also bring to life and nothing more, Indeed, I am designed to reproduce, but I am designed for a lot more. No more will I be held back by your myopic opinions of me. I am designed for more, to bring to life, to bring forth ideas, to strategize, to execute, to lead, to explore, to build; I nurture, I care, I teach, and I raise generations

I choose to challenge a mindset fixated on believing that I am meant to be mute. I am not mute, and I will not be silenced. I am endowed with a loud yet gentle, firm yet loving, deep yet soft, melodious tone I call my voice. My instrument of discussion, deliberation and sometimes assertion.

I choose to challenge a world set in its ways, a way that bends and breaks for a bearded face, whether deserving or not but is quick to turn me away.

I choose to challenge You to lay aside rumors of who I am meant to be, what I am meant to be, how I am meant to be. You have labelled me without giving me an opportunity to prove myself, you have judged me without even opening my book.

I choose to challenge You to face every obstacle, surmount every mountain with locked legs like that of a mermaid, and go for gold.

I choose to challenge You, to look beyond her skirt and the gape in her blouse, rather look at what she brings to the table. There is far more to her than her body.

I choose to challenge You to remain restless, relentless, persistent, and consistent. Your dreams are valid, and you can be all you want to be, if you do not give up.

I choose to challenge You to dare to dream, dare to pursue and dare to realize your every dream. To step out of that cocoon and dare to be different.

I choose to challenge Us to have each others back not stab each other in the back

I choose to challenge Us to pick one girl, two girls, three or even more and teach them, lead them, coach them, mentor them, show them the many possibilities and opportunities around them, show them the often-difficult path to being all that they can be. Show them the way to unlocking their full potentials and attaining success.

I choose to challenge Us to speak up for her

To stand up for her

To help her

To lend her a helping hand

To fight for her

To be her voice

To be a shoulder, an ear, and a compass for her.

I choose to challenge Us to clear the path, lead the way and step aside when all is said and done, and the time has come to let her shine.

I choose to challenge Us to be different to do right by her and to do more for her.

I choose to challenge myself to be a better version of myself, to push myself, to say no to limitations, to dare to dream big and to bring to birth my dream.

I choose to challenge myself

I choose to challenge you

Happy International Women’s Day


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