Dedicating Valentine's day to Myself - by AyaOba

“If you’re searching for that one person that will change your life, take a look in the mirror”

The countdown to valentine’s day has begun and this year I want to make up for all the years I never got a gift, a date, a cake, flowers, gifts, cards, or sweet lovey dovey messages. How do you intend to achieve this baby girl? Well, a few days ago I came up with the ingenious idea to be my own Valentine for this year, to gift myself a Valentine experience to remember and cherish, complete with flowers, cakes, gifts, the whole works and yes! I am doing it by myself, and for myself; simply because I can.

I am dedicating Valentine’s day to myself; in other words, this year I must do Valentine by fire by force LOL! I must receive flowers, and other nice things that go along with the day. I know this might sound cheesy but tell me isn’t there something you have always wanted, but it just always eluded you and you couldn’t even share with anyone for fear of being laughed at or sounding silly. Well, this is my silly and it sure feels good not to even care what anyone thinks for a change. I feel giddy with excitement as I think about executing my perfect Valentine’s day. The thought of going all out for myself has me smiling foolishly and loving every minute of it.

I have never been one of those girls who looked forward to Valentine’s day and all the array of gifts that came with it, there was rarely anything to look forward to, but I always secretly wondered how it would feel to be one of those girls even just for a day, just for Valentine’s day. To experience a day filled with choice gifts, cakes, and all things fancy and sweet.
Wait o! hope this is not what a mid life crisis feels like? Naaaah! this is just me letting go and allowing myself to do me for a change.

So, what’s the plan? Well, I am thinking of getting a cake from Salt Lagos, this will hurt my pocket a bit, but it is go big or go home baby! It is every girls Valentine cake fantasy. A Samsung S21 Ultra, gift wrapped and beautifully tucked in the middle of a bouquet of flowers is sure to have me grinning from ear to ear. An exotic perfume should definitely be on the list and I am thinking Bvlgari Rose Essientielle, I just love that fragrance. In the spirit of bone straight frenzy, I am considering adding a 20 inches bone straight wig to the list for that wawu factor. Hmmmmm! Am I not wawuing myself into bankruptcy like this?

Anyway, I just hope I don’t chicken out once I put a price to this dream Valentine’s day of mine; and may my serious minded self not speak sense to me before I am done executing my plans.
Seriously though, Baby girl deserves some pretty little nice things, and she is going to get it come February 14.

This is me choosing to act on my silly.

What’s your silly?

AyaOba is daughter to an amazing Father, she calls Him Abba. She is a wife and a mother, and she works a 9-5 somewhere in the busy streets of Lagos. She is reserved and can be too serious-minded, but she is learning not to take herself  seriously all the time. She loves the theatre and can be found at most stage plays happening in Lagos. She used to be an avid reader and wants to go back to her reading habit. AyaOba is courteous but never the first to extend a hand of friendship, probably because she is shy or fears rejection. Writing has proven to be a good outlet for her, and she hopes to make something great out of it someday soon.

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