Thoughts that breathe - A Poem

Poem by Abidemi Adebola

That we are rich

That we are famous

That we make things happen

That we are active

Just one sickness will put it to test!                                   05


That we are strong

That we are leading

That we are feared

That we are respected

Just one calamity will put it to test!                                    10


That we are successful

That we are connected

That we are hardworking

That we are wise

Just one tragedy is enough to put it to test!                    15


For those who think it is how smart they are

For those who think it is how much they know

For those who think it is how much they do

For those who think it is how careful they are

May life never happen you!                                                   20


Abidemi Adebola
Collection of poems: I rise!

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