Meet the Duke of Small Talks

Duke of small talks




About the duke

Akin Akingbogun is the Duke of Small talk, an alter ego created to explore the rich depth of true storytelling. The Duke of Small Talk represents creative writers in Nigeria with deep rooted passion for telling short stories to inspire young people and reawaken the talent naturally gifted to a select few.

As the weeks turn to months, The Duke will evolve by collaborating with young, creative and budding writers of African descent to compete on the global stage and to be the best they can be.

Starting with the Prisoner of Fate, the Duke will show why the self-awarded title is earned and not just bestowed on him. His mastery of storytelling and his penchant for descriptive and narrative stories will make this a reference point for many decades.


Benjamin’s life takes a dramatic twist as he struggles to find answers to unlock the mystery that has turned him into a prisoner of his own mind. The story starts strong with shocking and unbelievable scenes laying the pedestal for a fast-paced and suspense-filled journey into the unknown, where at every turn the story deepens and crystallizes into revealing truths about life.

Will Benjamin find the closure he so desires or is there more to it than meets the eye?

The story plays gingerly on the blurry lines of the supernatural and mind boggling truths nestled within the fears created deep in our minds. This gripping story of Benjamin’s journey to uncover the mystery of the undead will keep you glued from chapter 1 till the end.
How does Benjamin untangle himself from the date with fate?
Sit tight and grab something!