What direction does your energy flow? (Part I)

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You are your own limit!

I n thermodynamics, we have heard it mentioned, that energy flows from high concentration to lower concentrations.

Excuse my French but this is the fundamental principle behind the second law of thermodynamics.

Please don’t get this wrong, I am not about to spew some science jargon and all the physics or chemistry balderdash. However, this statement sets a strong background for the topic of discourse.

Energy change is the driving force of the universe. And it inevitably only, goes from more concentrated to less concentrated. It flows only one way.

Let’s fiddle with yet another science principle called “resonance”.

Ever heard of “Resonance”?

Well in physics it is explained “simply” like this;

“when one object vibrating at the same natural frequency of a second object forces that second object into vibrational motion.”

To bring this quickly to ordinary English, an experiment we once performed in Secondary school would allow you visualize this unique phenomenon;

“A heavy driving pendulum X is hung from a thread fixed to a cord between two retort stands. Hanging from the cord are five other pendulums, each with a light paper cone as the bob.

As X is swung all the other pendulums begin to vibrate, but pendulum C has the greatest amplitude as it has the same length and therefore the same natural frequency as X.”

You will find everyday examples of resonance in swings at a park or on a bridge, singing in a shower or even a guitar. But I will stop here before I start making you dizzy.

Right now, I am sure you are glad you had nothing to do with physics!

How then does these two science concepts relate to anything?

I will illustrate using life changing Examples; 

Answering a Phone Call

I have had the ignoble honor of answering the phone to meet up with very low energy from the caller for no just reason. You pick up the phone and if you are not very careful, you will get sucked into the low energy vibe from the other side of the line.

I have never answered a phone call without always being the one with the high energy! Once you start with a strong energy laden “Hello” from your side of the line, you will notice immediately that the person on the other side tries to match your energy! It happens by default.

All you have to do, is give your response on phone some great energy and the other person gets a flow of energy.

“Energy flows from a high concentration to a low concentration”

It is absolutely wrong and against poor judgement and ethics to answer a call as though you were bothered. Even if you were, you shouldn’t show that on the phone. Otherwise, do not answer the call.

You do not even know how much that boisterous self will boost the countenance of the caller on the other side of the line.

You probably have heard it said, that you can sense when someone is smiling on the phone.

Let’s imagine that you start your phone call with the lowest energy level you can ever muster. So low that the other person would be literally dragged into your mood, your darkness, your lifelessness. Do you think he would like to call you again?

Now this is my quote (make sure you give me credit)

“In life, we are all (unconsciously) in search of high energy points, people, places or even ideas. Life successes come off great energy bounced off people with high octane and limitless energy!” Duke of Small Talk

We are subconsciously drawn to high energy people. We call them the livewire of the party. We love to be around happy people, they get us started. It simply feels like we suck a bit of their energy and run with it.

It really isn’t our fault that we are low on energy sometimes, life may have gotten the best part of our lives, loss of a close relative, a job, a loved one, a terminal illness etc. Life just happens. Once we remain in that state, we are guaranteed to get sucked into the abyss of low energy. Drifting in a downwards spiral of nothingness and eventually lose a sense of our real self.

But if you had a friend, with consistent energy level, never yielding and always there, supportive, sharing that energy, there is a chance you will snap out of the mood, the sadness, the feeling of hopelessness or the feeling of despair.

Go to church or mosque! Some will say, but in reality, we go get some good quality energy from the priest, the pastor or the imam. They have that responsibility to wake us up from that slumber, and that slippery descent into oblivion.

Before I stray too far off, I would like to challenge you to pick up the phone with high octane energy. Start with a strong “hello” riding on the wings of fantastic energy. It has to be deliberate until that habit becomes a part of you. Then watch as the person on the other side sucks a bit on your energy to climb out of the dark doldrum of despair.

Please Try this?

How do you keep your energy level up?

One question you may be quick to ponder in your head is;

“What if I don’t feel like I have got great energy, why pretend?”

I would promptly ask a question in return;

“Why would you want to suck other people into your gravely sad mood?” Deal with it!

I have seen a lot of young people go through life as though they are carrying everyone on their shoulders. I do not wish to appear insensitive, but we all deal with life issues differently.

When you drag your heavy burden about, making clunking noises and drawing undue attention, what has it profited you? You probably get noticed, a few words of pity and then everyone stay off you.

Ever wondered why people stay off their friends when they are in distress? It happens naturally! Once you carry a baggage of low energy, everyone stays off you. No one wants to hang around you anymore.

Listen friends, certain hormone released by our bodies makes us happy and having those hormones running in the right levels makes us even healthy.

Some people with terminal illnesses live a tad longer if they find a way to manage their mood. Which is why healthcare centered around these sort of patients focus on making them happy to live longer.

Once the levels of hormone required to get them happy drops far below the established levels, they immediately give in to the debilitating effects of the disease and wither away so fast right before our very eyes.

Remember, emotions come from the arousal of the nervous system. Millions of chemical reactions take place in the brain at any given time.  Serotonin, the happiness Hormone, when available in the right levels is directly related to relaxation, mood upliftment, happiness and good health.

We are responsible for how we feel. It’s a choice we make! We can choose to be happy and lively, or simply choose to be unreasonable, sad, ugly, unhealthy or even lifeless. In essence, we must find the things that make us happy and enjoy doing those things. We owe no one any apologies for our choice of happiness as long as they are morally right and legally permitted.

You keep your energy levels up by literally cranking up your energy levers doing the things that make you genuinely happy. Once you have found your “mojo”, let your energy flow from a place of high level to a place of low level.

Your energy will always get some people started.

I described this phenomenon in another article of mine– “ I am in competition with myself

You will find the article very apt. It explains the “resonance” phenomenon I explained earlier in this article.

Once you move with the right crowd, you get a good dose of the right energy. Just as you are what you eat; you are the sort of friends you keep!

Keep the bad lot, and you will be in a lot of trouble sooner than you think!

You are the choice of the friends you keep- stop ranting about you not having friends or they are all you have got!

We are social beings and so we must relate with other humans as part of our natural DNA. We are wired to be our best when we work in groups. It’s the survival theories of anthropology that we band together to fight off threats. 

Yes, in ancient times, we banded together in groups to fight off predators and other harmful animals or even the weather! Now, we fight other types of common enemy – social injustice, poverty etc …but we are better off working in groups…this way we stand a better chance of surviving as humans.

But once you choose the wrong gang, team, group or join in the momentary and purposeless pleasure of an aimless objective, you are bound to get what your deserve.

If you get involved with the right friends or network, even if you are the one with the lowest energy in the group, you will get a push. No doubt!

If you are currently banded up with friends that are not adding any value to you, please bolt!

We must be deliberate about life. If you do not have a deliberate plan or a deliberate purpose, you will be used by others to achieve their own well thought through ideas and plans.

If you wake up every morning and wait to see what will come your way, your idle self will get noticed by someone who needs to get his ideas running. My article on quotable quotes references this succinctly.

Sadly, Life makes provisions for people like that. They toil all through their life trying to make others dream come through. They are so visionless!

 The Concluding part of this article comes next! 

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