Systematic Inventive Thinking (SIT)

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S ystematic Inventive Thinking (SIT) – is a method that helps people break away from their patterns of thinking to come up with innovative ideas on demand using well defined steps. 

Systematic Inventive Thinking (SIT) is a thinking method developed in Israel in the mid-1990s. Derived from Genrich Altshuller’s TRIZ engineering discipline, SIT is a practical approach to creativity, innovation and problem solving, which has become a well-known methodology for innovation.

I learned about SIT at work after joining a training program organized by HR two years ago. I found it quite interesting and easy to use tool for innovating. I immediately created an online group to teach the tenets of SIT.

I am sure SIT would benefit anyone who is willing to learn.

Here is a presentation I developed with a member of my team to share knowledge.

I hope you find it invigorating.

Look out for a masterclass on SIT in the coming months.

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