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I magine the amount of time we spend daily on our smartphones rummaging through social media platforms crawling through tons of pictures literally ogling at other people’s businesses.

Those social media apps have been developed with one intent in mind –to glean off as much time as they can off you.

Most people are unlikely to learn anything new from these social media platforms order than the fleeting pleasure of seeing other’s “glamorous” lifes and the wishful thinking of how to spin the story themselves.

While I have always enjoyed the pleasure of my phone, I however spend the least time on social media apps. I have over time downloaded apps capable of providing the learning experience that completes my day and in line with my habits.

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to my unique collection of android apps that in the end is an expression of my personality;

I will start with a modest list of 10 apps.

Crumblyy  – is the most widely used Life Hacks applications that lets you learn so many useful Life Hacks and facts in minutes by just swiping cards in the app.

You will be amazed at the wealth of information that each card on the app will offer you. The apps provides several categories or subject matter area where facts and life hacks can be focused on.

Every day new facts are shared on the app’s canvas.

The app allows you to bookmark hacks you find interesting with options to share on multiple platforms with friends and colleagues. The app also provide links to sites where further information and knowledge on the particular subject can be studied.

AnyBooks – This is perhaps my most favorite android app. This app is solely responsible for the decline in the number of paperback and hardcover books on my book shelve.

A modest number of ebooks are available for downloading and reading for free on the app. The app allows you highlight multiple lines, paragraphs and even pages where you find worthy of taking notes. It also allows you search for appropriate books using specific/target words.

The range of books cover everything from romance, fiction, business books, religious and even engineering and accounting books! It’s a huge resource. You would be delighted to have this app.

Curiosity – this is introducing one of my oldest app. It has a unique and alluring user interface. It is the best way to get smarter about your world. With this app you will enjoy short-form, easy to read articles that will inspire you. The app also allows you watch smart videos from the best hand-picked, educational content creators from around the world.

This app feeds your curiosity with as much information and facts about anything and everything to widen your perspective and bolster your general knowledge.

Luminosity – This is one of my most revered app. The app is a brain training app designed by scientists and designers, which features games designed to improve your memory, cognitive abilities, and problem-solving skills, through a daily mental training program.

Lumosity’s big selling points is that each person gets a “training plan” designed to fit their needs

I find this amazing app one of the most productive for juggling the brain, especially the memory and other cognitive skills. This is good for preparing for exams. I found the app useful in keeping my brain alert weeks before studying for my MBA examination. 

Pinterest- I consider pinterest as the pictorial version of google. This app has been very helpful for my research on engineering designs. It provides an array of picture/images and photos as results for any word search. Each of the pictures can be saved on a board created by the user for future reference and can be used to access the links for more information or related images.

Of particular interest is that other users can save your selected pictures and you can also access theirs from their personal boards.

Give this unique app a try. You will love it

Mind Tools – Here is another special learning app. It provides tons of information, knowledge area and skills required for an excellent career. A good amount of resource is available for free while options for paying members and corporate members are available with varying access to more tools.

Its tools are covers career skills, creativity skills, decision making tools, leadership and learning skills, project management and strategy tools amongst others.

This app will keep you in sync with important career learning tools which would benefit you personally and professionally.

Thank me later.

TED – The user interface for TED is unique and distinctly sophisticated from apps of similar offers. TED Talks are influential videos from expert speakers on education, business, science, tech and creativity, with subtitles in 100+ languages.

The app allows you download videos, listen to podcast and save your own collection of interesting TED videos.

The acclaimed short videos on TED feature thought leaders expounding on topics from technology, entertainment, design, and other disciplines in 18 minutes or less.

This app is good for lazy saturday mornings. 

Quora is a very useful social network where you can get answers to tons of questions in a matter of seconds. On this app, there’s a huge community of keen readers who will gladly provide answers to virtually any question and vote (or upvote) answers that that interest them the most.

Worthy of note is the openness of the questions and answers provided by Quorans and the several words of empathy and genuine concerns displayed depending on the topic of discourse to other users

I find Quora enthralling and totally useful.

Business Founder – Is a business simulation game that gives aspiring business owners or entrepreneurs opportunity to take strategic business decision ranging from product price, employee engagement, infrastructure and equipment upgrades in order to improve the earnings per share for their organization.

The game teaches on various operational and tactical methods of improving sales by using different scenario in a time-based context.

Business founder is ideal for young entrepreneurs or students who are keen on understanding the impact of strategic business decisions on the bottom line. 

Flipd – This app locks you out of your phone for a period of time. It works like a digital drawer where you can lock away your phone.

 Flipd restricts access to your phone for a select duration in order to create time for studying, me-time or even a phone break.

This app takes some getting used to, but if you intend to fight the smartphone addiction and to exercise some discipline, then try this app to put a control on your uncontrollable urge and yearnings to flip through your phone. 

MindMeister – is an online mind mapping application that allows its users to visualize, share and present their thoughts via the cloud. I find this app very useful for me in analyzing and taking strategic decisions. It lays my thoughts bare and allows me draw unique connections and relationships between elements and their components.

The app is good for project planning, brainstorming/idea management, note taking or presentations. It allows the users to organize their thoughts using maps for clarity.

I personally adore this app. I‘ve got a dozen unique mind maps on its canvas and it has become a reference point for strategic decision making for me.

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