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F or many years I have always wondered how much power I could wield if I had the chance to review  restaurants, lounges, park and other similar businesses and offerings within the hospitality industry in Nigeria. I simply can not fathom why the continued lack of regulation of the services offered by these businesses have grown unabated and totally unchecked. 

In many of these places, it is glaring that the satisfaction of the customer is not placed at the top of mind and the quality of services are often questionable and heart wrenching.

What if we could name and shame? At least add our little dissenting voices to disgruntled customers who have been consumed by silence borne out of the lack of desire to create a genuine change or despair from not getting true value for the money spent. 

The review is basically to provide details of my experience as a customer from my several visits to some of these locations.

Some of my comments and concerns may appear finicky, but every little detail that can influence your decision to visit or not to visit would be shared in the following pages;

The Bungalows Ikeja 9 Adekunle Fajuyi Way | Ikeja GRA

My review at a glance

This restaurant is pretty laid back and very professionally decorated. If you are thinking of someplace with fancy furniture,  mature atmosphere, ambience and great seating sceneries then Bungalows would readily come to mind. This is not to mention the array of mouth-watering and top-notch meals ranging from local to continental dishes that would match your palate.

This restaurant is pretty laid back and very professionally made up.

I like the ambience, it sets the mood for a great meal.

The toilet and convenience are fabulously clean and a delight to be in.

There is an outdoor sitting area and the grills are pretty very nice.

The location is great, parking space is ample and can be well managed.

Customer service is very nice. Thumbs up!

The downside- don’t visit if you are looking out for a cheap meal cause the prices of the exotic meals will make you appreciate the ambience even more.

The menu here is tasty and the cocktail list is pretty adventurous.

Great place to visit I dare say! 

Pearlwort Hotel and Suites- 7 Impressive Close Behind NECA House & Opposite LASPARK, Off L.J DOSUNMU STREET, Central Business District, Alausa, Ikeja

My review at a glance

Pearlwort hotel tucked in the heart of Ikeja bears every semblance of excellence, so impressive it accentuates the name of the street leading up to it.

Located in a serene part of Ikeja and making the most of the landscape, the elegant building has an underground parking lot with ample space for at least 30cars.

The entrance lobby will leave visitors in awe, the security features and access controls into each floor is impressive ensuring that unexpected visitors are restricted to the lobby.

The rooms are quite expansive and the toilet fittings and ambience is truly an experience worth repeating. I am particularly impressed by the cleanliness of the corridors and the refreshing smell of the rooms. I love the well selected music serenading the corridors too. Nothing loud and crazy, just soothing classical music.

Power supply is excellent, you won’t be sleeping in the darkness for even one second.

Although the rooms offer no skyscraper views, it nonetheless gives a calm and natural view of the developing ikeja scenery.

The customer service is remarkable and a welcome difference from the typical untrained lots dominating the hospitality business in most parts of Lagos. The staff are courteous and well dressed.

The rooms don’t come cheap though, afterall quality service is pricey in Lagos.

Looking forward to spending anniversary night at the Pearlwort in december! 

Park Inn by Radisson Abeokuta Ibrahim Babangida Boulevard, Kuto, Abeokuta

My review at a glance

Fantastic ambience, great effort put into making the experience of the visitor last for a very long time.

The food is great. The buffet will leave you spell-bound with a litany of options.

The location is great and the hotel has several halls for conferences and a movie theatre

The rooms tastefully furnished with top of the range fittings, good space and everything you can ask for in creativity.

The parking lot is as large as they come. There is an outdoor swimming pool, a beautifully furnished indoor bar, a cosy restaurant with an expansive and well decorated lounge.

Security is 100% and the staff are super polite and very helpful

You will certainly like it here. 

La Mango Restaurant and Lounge Ikeja GRA3A Adekunle Fajuyi Way, Ikeja GRA, Lagos

My review at a glance

La Mango sits pretty along Adekunle Fajuyi road and offers a diverse ambience that complements every mood of the customer.

There is a poolside sit-out and dinner-style sitting area for couples, a rooftop sitting area, a high stool bar-style sitting area and a lounge for more laid back guest.

The food isn’t bad, it doesn’t come across as great. But the drinks come very chilled and finger foods are well prepared and very nice indeed.

The customer service is average and response time is not so great. But not so bad either.

There are limited parking spaces within the property which can manage a total of just about a dozen cars.

The cost here is comparable to anywhere else in Ikeja. 

Xovar Lounge  – 19b Sabitex Hotel Rd, Lekki Penninsula II 105102, Lekki

My review at a glance

One striking feature here at this outdoor bar is the half-clad waitress ready and at your back and call.

Remarkably, these ladies are quite polite and demonstrate the unique edge they bring to the lounge.

Their drinks are always nice cold, they have a great list of good meals and you will be spoiled for choice.

The layout of the lounge is pretty simple and the ambience is warm and alluring.

Football lovers would love the multiple tv screens and the low music accompanying the evening.

The restrooms are remarkably clean and well taken care of.

They have a really big parking area and security here appears well thought through.

The cost of a decent meal here is certainly above average and the service probably makes up the balance. Lol

Farm City Ogudu – Address – 36, Ogudu road, Ogudu.

This is a beautiful hang out joint that doubles as a restaurant with different sitting scenarios. It offers a sit out/elevated outdoor platform, a restaurant style area, a sit in with easy chairs and a dinner styled area for a quiet evening.

The ambience is really lovely and the lighting complements it nicely.

The customer service gives Nigerian joints some hope. The servers are always asking if you would like to have anything else. They are good at making decisions on the menu list.

I like the fact that food and drinks here are way above pump price and costlier than the average restaurant. Not significant though. But just enough to deter an unruly crowd.

Did I mention that they have a modest option for smoothies and a good cocktail collection.

There is payment option via POS.

There is a security presence and the music isn’t loud and noisy.

This spot will leave an impression and you are likely to come back within a few weeks.

Oh…..and parking…is modest but well managed.

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