How Igbo worship songs get me going in the morning

How did I get this lost!

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I know, I know, I know!!! I am not Ibo. Neither am I Hausa! How can we rationalize a good looking Yoruba dude without supposing he belongs to other tribes.

While I don’t dig or subscribe to the diatribes that come with tribal discrimination, I am a complete Nigerian. I ooze the Nigerian vibes, swagger and spirit. And I am Proudly so!

364/365 days in a year, I would be clad in native attire no matter the occasion. That 1-day difference, I am sleeping snugly in my birthday suit…lol

I recollect years ago listening to a tape of Cosmas Maduka where he said and I quote;

“You cannot expect a country that you curse (even under your breath) to bless you”

I added the one in the brackets for

I love Nigeria. In spite of our many misfortune at leadership, it’s the only place when I am first citizen!

It is quite ironic that I fancy Igbo worship songs a lot. Especially because I barely even understand the lyrics of the songs, but it gets me up spiritually in the mornings during my ride to work every weekday.

I am no expert at making music, I even struggle with the piano every Sunday when I play alone in the confines of my home. But I can tell good music from the first few notes. I had a rare privilege of being in the Choir at my local church for a decade in the 90s.

I have singled out a couple of these tracks to share with you in hope that you may wish to download the tracks and enjoy it. Trust me, It would get you started;

ChibuezeBy Anicetus Ebhomien.

The song elicits an emotional connection with the artist in his bid to worship God. His lyrics are crystal clear and the chorus is easy to sing along. The song starts with the chorus and ends with the chorus. 90% of the lyrics are in English but the Chorus resonates in Igbo.

The song is deliberately slow with beats in measured strides allowing for easy listening. You won’t even know when you start singing along

EzeBy Mercy Chinwo

Only an artist with the mastery of singing solo can dabble into the richness of Mercy’s pitch on this worship song. With minimal instrument playing throughout the track her voice echoes sonorously and rises with the beat as she is accompanied by the strong voice of her partner. You won’t even know when you would be screaming on the steering wheel. Trust me this one will get you singing along.

Akaah – By Tim Godfrey

Now, this isn’t a worship song per se. But it starts upbeat and maintains the tempo all through the track. Tim’s voice bellows through the track with the confidence of a lyricist.

Now the song is practically in Igbo and has a unique hook that would always get you started. Don’t play this track if you are not ready to move your body. To make things even more interesting, the song takes up a life of its own towards the end. Thank me later.

Chukwu Okike – By Oghenero

This track is super slow and it is a song of exhortation. You can feel the artist immerse himself in the moment and his voice riding on the waves of mild instrumental play. Nothing spectacular in his voice though. But enough to initiate a moment of worship for those in search of a boost to commence their day. I love the exhortations towards the end of the track. classic.

Greatly to be Praised  – By Grace Adajie

This track isn’t exactly in the Igbo language, although she sings a part of it in Igbo and Yoruba to show her dexterity in music. I just can’t help adding it to my playlist of worship songs. The start of this track is perhaps the lowest pitch and it isn’t a low pitch in itself. Grace sings gracefully…lol with the aplomb of a true gospel lead. She extorts God and draws the listener in as the song picks pace. I love this track.

Idimma – By Samsong

This song starts quite slowly and is in pidgin English and Igbo. Samsung shows another part to his singing prowess. He sings passionately and worships deeply in this slow pace track. The song allows you to float in the very essence of the worship. You will find the track worth listening to again and again.

Nara  EkeleBy Enkay

This track plays for a little over 4mins but I wish it never ended. It isn’t a worship song too. But it has all the trappings of a worship song. It is fast-paced and she sings with so much grace you won’t realise you started dancing already. The song hits crescendo somewhere in the second verse and then it precipitates into a dancing frenzy. You will love this track.

ShantelBy unknown

Here is a worship track that lures you to sing along. It has Igbo lyrics laced over the entire length of the track and the artist sings passionately with her voice distinct and not drowned by the instruments. She is also accompanied by a male voice that complements her tempo nicely.

You will enjoy this track.

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