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S o… I started reading the book “Borrowing Brilliance” Last week and I must admit it’s not just an interesting, read, it is an amazing philosophy to share about innovation!


Looking at innovation from the perspective shared by Davis Kord Murray(the author of the book) completely changed my awareness and understanding of that word. 

There is no way you will read this book and you wouldn’t start thinking differently.

 Let me share snippets from the book to lure you into reading…

  •       Creativity is a subset of innovation
  •       Creativity can be understood as an improvement on an original idea rather than originality! – This is deep!
  •       Innovation can be traced as far back to the Agricultural Age, Industrial Age (Nineteen century), Information Age (twentieth century) and now…..the conceptual Age (these times…..

    Borrowing brilliance is a six step process –

Defining the problem you’re trying to solve

o   Borrow.. ideas from places with similar problems

o   Combining and connecting these borrowed ideas

o   Incubating these combinations into a viable solution

o   Judging by identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the solution

o   Enhancing by eliminating the weak points and strengthening the strong ones. 

The writing sites several examples you can relate with and discusses the concepts as though telling a story.

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